Edgemark, LLC

Richard Robey

Senior Vice President - Edgemark Asset Management LLC

Richard joined Edgemark Asset Management LLC in January 2001 and is currently the Senior Vice President of Edgemark Asset Management LLC. As Senior Vice President, his responsibilities cover all areas of property management functions while overseeing the Management and Accounting teams.

Richard brings 49 years of retail and real estate knowledge and experience to the organization having a wide range of management responsibilities from the handling of super regional malls of 1.2 million square feet down to single tenant retail properties of 15,000 square feet.

Prior to joining Edgemark, Richard worked for Sears Roebuck where he moved through various store level positions before transferring to super regional mall management then to the national leasing staff for Homart Development Company. After 17 years with Sears & Homart, he worked for Zaremba Midwest Development Company as Vice President of Leasing. Following Zaremba, Richard worked for the Harold J Carlson Company, which was later acquired by Draper and Kramer where he held the position of Vice President of retail property management. In 1996 he moved to the Bradley Real Estate Investment Trust as Senior Asset Manager until that company was sold in 2001, when he moved into his current position with Edgemark.

Richard is an active member of the International Council of Shopping Centers and holds a “CSM” Certified Shopping Center Manager designation. He is a licensed Real Estate Managing Broker in Illinois and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree from the University of Illinois Chicago Circle.

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Phone: (630) 472 1010

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