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Schererville, IN

Edgemark Commercial Real Estate LLC provides premium service and solutions in commercial real estate, property management and investment sales for Schererville, IN.

Our service to Schererville is driven by structured and customized real estate strategies tailored to each client’s goals and criteria. Together, our firm’s principals, professionals and administrative staff strive to define and execute your real estate interests and vision.

We begin our real estate relationship with you by understanding your business and the reasons for its success. We then apply specialized knowledge and market-research techniques to aggressively pursue your objectives.

Schererville, IN: Commercial Real Estate Services

Edgemark’s commercial real estate strategies for Schererville include asset management, landlord brokerage, investment brokerage, receivership and asset stabilization. Our experience yields long-term relationships with marketplace leaders including corporations, institutions and independent investors.

As our client, you are supported by entrepreneurial real estate professionals, state-of-the-art marketing technology and an innovative market-research department. Combined, these resources provide you with informed recommendations and sound analytical and investment strategies.

If you’re looking for skilled consultation in Schererville commercial real estate, contact us today at (630) 472-1010 to speak with an Edgemark professional.

Schererville, IN: Property Management & Receivership

A market leader for more than 25 years, we have established excellence in Schererville retail shopping center property management by bringing value-added leadership to each project. Our experienced professionals understand how to analyze each property’s complexities and produce an optimum bottom line for investors. We support both institutional and individual clients.

Contact us at (630) 472-1010 to learn more about our property management expertise in Schererville.

Schererville, IN: Investment Sales

As retail specialists and investment advisors, we support both buyers and sellers in Schererville commercial real estate investment sales.

Our team’s extensive database catalogs investors by product type, investment size and geographic preferences. Our client list includes both institutional and individual investors throughout the U.S.

Edgemark’s accountants help you understand an investment’s value potential. The format of our financial modeling satisfies both portfolio managers and individual investors as well.

Strengthen your Schererville investment sale strategy with extra knowledge, focus and experience. Contact Edgemark today at (630) 472-1010.

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