Edgemark, LLC

Ogden Hill Shopping Center


  • Join Cooper’s Hawk Now Open and Starbucks opening July 2024.
  • The 67-acre Ogden Hill Shopping Center is at the gateway to Kendall County, among the nation’s fastest growing counties.
  • The property is surrounded by strong demographics and is located in a heavily trafficked area that offers seven access points, with an average daily traffic amount of over 70,000 VPD.
  • There are three existing high schools within a 2.2-mile radius of the center totaling 8,230 students.
  • The Rush-Copley Medical Center is also located within one mile of the shopping center and employs 1,500 personnel.


Address:Route 30 and Route 34
City/State:Montgomery, IL
Space Available:1,200 SF - 8,000 SF with drive-thru opportunities
Total Size:8,000 SF
Contact:Randy Kotwica
Stephanie Faruzzi
(630) 572-5613
(630) 572-5606

Phone: (630) 472 1010

Email: info@edgemarkllc.com